The worst customer service in South Africa is from…

New research from customer service research experts Interactive Intelligence has found that South African customers consider government departments and utility companies to have the worst customer service, compared to all other industry sectors.

Hotels ranked highest in terms of both experience and the expectation of good service. 61 per cent of the survey respondents ranked their own experience of customer service at hotels as better than any other local industry.

Deon Scheepers, a consultant at Interactive Intelligence Africa, said companies and employees need to move away from the misconception that customer experience is a “soft” issue: “Staff need to understand that the company would not exist without the customer and adopt a mindset of ‘the customer pays my salary’,” he said to The Witness.

The shocking result that 85 per cent of South Africans believe that government agencies offer the worst customer service across all industry sectors must cause some agencies concern. The public sector is generally considered to offer poorer service that the private, but to see such overwhelming disdain of the service offered by government agencies is a surprise.

South Africa has many world-class customer service teams serving the world – including our own team at Teleperformance. Some of the government agencies mentioned in this research might want to take a look at how the world is looking to South Africa to improve their customer service level in many different industries. It wouldn’t take long to improve what they are doing.

City Hall (Durban, South Africa)


Photo by Big Berto licensed under Creative Commons

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