South Africa wins ‘best destination 2013’ award from the EOA!

Please welcome Gary Bennett, the new General Manager of TP South Africa. This is Gary’s first contribution to the blog celebrating a great new award for the region!

Every year those in the global sourcing business closely watch the awards issued by the European Outsourcing Association.

These awards are a little different from many arranged around the world. For a start there is no need to pay an entry fee. There is no requirement to sponsor the award ceremony or any other financial inducement that colours many other awards. Not that every other business award is invalid, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is a level playing field for those who have a great product or service, but can’t afford to buy a table at a glitzy ceremony.

Our industry trade body BPeSA (Business Process enabling South Africa) entered South Africa into the ‘best offshoring destination’ category and last night at the awards ceremony in Amsterdam I’m delighted to say that South Africa was awarded the prize.

It’s a fantastic achievement, not only for BPeSA and their role in promoting the industry in South Africa, but for all the companies operating here and making the industry what it is today.

At Teleperformance we have had a long commitment to South Africa and are proud to say that the head of BPeSA is one of our alumni so we want to extend our congratulations to BPeSA for this impressive award and we guarantee that our team in South Africa will be working hard to ensure the award is retained in 2014!

Sunset at Camps Bay - with a bonus


Photo by Neil Howard licensed under Creative Commons

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