What do people like about working in a call centre?

A new study just released in South Africa has challenged the perception that call centre employees are often stressed or always on the lookout for a new opportunity.

The annual survey of agents ensure that those hiring in the industry know what the agents at the sharp end are thinking and feeling – and the latest results make for some interesting reading.

Over a third of agents surveyed had been in their present position for over a year and 74 per cent of agents had the aspiration to be promoted to a team leader or other management position – challenging the view that working in a call centre is only a temporary career phase.

It’s also clear what people finding satisfying about their life inside a call centre. 86 per cent said it was talking to people, 96 per cent like being part of a team and 82 per cent enjoy the noisy environment and the buzz of the floor when agents are hard at work.

This idea of being part of a team is something we do foster at Teleperformance too. Of course we need to keep our clients happy, but our team needs to know that they are part of something bigger too.

Programmes we run, such as Teleperformance for Fun, focus on art, music, and dance, and there are real prizes for members of our team who excel in these areas – providing fun for everybody by showcasing their talents.

There are many misconceptions about life in a call centre, but we know that it can be fun and there is a future in the industry – if you want to grow into a management role then we provide the support to make it happen.

call center


Photo by Vitor Lima licensed under Creative Commons

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