Developing New Skills for South Africa

South Africa is still known as an emerging economy. It is growing fast and the opportunities are plenty because it is the best possible entry point for foreign firms to do business with Africa – with our stable banking and legal sectors providing a solid foundation for investors.

But the economy is changing and embracing the global knowledge economy – especially the service sector where Teleperformance is focused. This means that there is need to develop skills in new areas, people with the ability to deliver customer service to the customers of multinational firms.

We work closely with BPeSA, the public/private partnership organisation charged with developing the Business Process Outsourcing sector in South Africa. BPeSA estimates there is adequate short-term supply for up to 85,000 workers in the industry. In the longer term, both the government and the private sector are investing heavily in skills development and attractive incentives are available for those who take on learners and interns.

BPesA itself runs a number of funded learnerships and skills programmes and works in close partnership with training institutions and Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs).

Private sector companies in various target industries fund their industry SETA ensuring resources are pooled. The SETA redistributes that money to internships and training, helping people to enter each specific industry.

South Africa is growing fast and creating new opportunities in many sectors. It’s an exciting process to witness and with this combination of private sector, government, and public/private agency we will meet the demands of future growth and develop our industry further.

Learning (Old and new) 96/365


Photo by Blue Square Thing licensed under Creative Commons

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