Nelson Mandela at 94

Our former President Nelson Mandela celebrated his 94th birthday last week. His foundation urged people to undertake at least 67 minutes of voluntary work to celebrate the 67 years that Mandela devoted to the struggle for political freedom and the end of apartheid in South Africa.

At Teleperformance we made sure that our team helped out – they spent their 67 minutes helping to start local libraries in disadvantaged communities. Of course this was a reaction to the call from Mandela’s foundation, but at Teleperformance we don’t just do this as a once a year activity.

Any company has to exist within a community. People working for the firm need to work hard and perform, but they also need to know that the company they work for cares about the community in which it is located.

Our team learn about our two big initiatives the first day they join and start their induction process. Our Citizen of the World programme focuses on initiatives in the communities where our business is located and our Citizen of the Planet programme focuses on activities that reduce our carbon emissions.

For us, corporate social responsibility is something we engage in on a daily basis. Our team knows that this makes the company more valued in the local community and the community responds and values having the company nearby so this is not just about marketing – it makes good commercial sense for us to care about the places we do business.

Take a look here for more information on our COTW and COTP programmes and what our people have been doing recently – in all the 40 countries where we operate.

3 heads are better than 1: MYdiba

Photo by Babak Fakhamzadeh licensed under Creative Commons

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