Enterprises should master Facebook before bothering with anything else…

It is always great to see analysts writing about Teleperformance – especially when the news is positive! Analyst Luke Bujarski from Nearshore Americas recently wrote this analysis of our ePerformance product and why we chose to develop it in Brazil.

In his article, Luke questions Charlene Li about social media management. Charlene is a leading social media expert and New York Times Best Selling author of Open Leadership and founder of social media research firm Altimeter Group.

Social media is an important area of business for Teleperformance. Many clients are exploring the social web and how customers are expecting brands to respond and answer queries in public forums, such as social networking tools.

But we all remember what happened to Myspace and Bebo. Who knows which platforms customers are going to be using next year?

Addressing this point, Charlene Yi said: “It’s not so much about the next hot thing, but rather scale and where most people are.  Enterprises should master Facebook before bothering with anything else.  New SM technologies come out about every two years so rather than focus on the next big thing, tackle volume first.  That’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and your proprietary media, your blogs and website content.”

At Teleperformance we have certainly focused a lot of effort on our own Facebook page, offering news and jobs there, but it is nice to see Charlene mention that some of your own content is also important – like this blog!

Facebook at Mozcon - Alex

Photo by Thos Ballantyne licensed under Creative Commons

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