Integrating social into the heart of your business

Everyone is talking about social media as a part of the customer experience, but social media is infiltrating many aspects of business today. Taking a social approach to your business has a number of advantages, but it is worth considering exactly what you are trying to achieve by exploring the social web – just creating a Facebook page for your business will not lead to automatic success.

There are several reasons why you might be exploring social media as a communication channel for your business:

  • Marketing and advertising; you may want to explore how to promote your company, create visibility and most importantly earn revenue from new clients who might not have heard of your company before.
  • Improving your own service; it could be that the service you offer to your customers can be dramatically improved by engaging more socially.
  • Interaction and engagement; customers are expecting a more social interaction with companies these days and many companies have started building communities of clients and interested parties – the engagement can be online or offline, but is often facilitated using online tools.
  • Internal communication; engaging more openly and more socially can improve the way your own company communicates internally – for example by getting the management to team to blog and allowing staff at all levels to make comments.
  • Recruitment; tools like LinkedIn are a great way to find new employees and a jobs community page on Facebook can be a very useful way to encourage people to apply for a job with you.

So the social web is becoming a part of many companies in a very deep sense, far beyond just allowing customers to complain on Twitter. It is worth planning how many of your own departments may be affected by any one of these initiatives – the best strategy will integrate all these various areas together.


Photo by Edge Plot licensed under Creative Commons

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