Just what does customer service today look like?

Have you thought about how much customer service is changing today? I don’t mean that you can chat online or email a brand today, but how brands are coming to you, rather than waiting for you to call them.

You know how common it is to see a friend complaining about a product or service online – on their Twitter or Facebook page. And it is becoming common for brands to actually respond to those complaints in the same network as the original comment.

Think for a moment about what is changing here. If you wanted to complain in the past, you would ring or email an official channel. You might stand around the water-cooler at work complaining about the product, but the brand would only respond to the official contact – not the gossip. Now these new channels on social networks have been created and are encouraging virtual water-cooler discussion, the brands are responding there – in a way that was previously impossible.

So it means that customer experience now includes companies responding to online complaints that were never even directed at the brand. And all this discussion takes place in the open for all to see – not just on a phone call that may be recorded, but won’t be listened to by your friends.

Customer service is going social. How do you think that companies are going to handle this well? If you complain online and a brand does not respond, then do you think they are ignoring you or imposing an official channel for complaints when you expect a response inside the social network you used to complain?

Entering the Forest Alone

Photo by Trey Ratcliff licensed under Creative Commons

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